Another son what a shame, bet you were hoping for a girl!

My first born baby son came into this world taking a good look around the room at his surroundings, I just could not take my eyes off this beautiful little human in my arms, he was taking everything in and i was taking him in, just amazed, I actually felt i was the only person in this whole world that had given birth - the feeling was immense, I had never felt this feeling before, this rush of love that swept over me…..   my life changed in that very moment and I just knew I had been put on this earth for this reason, being a mum!

When I had my second son, again I had this overwhelming feeling of love for him, another absolutely beautiful stunning son, I knew I was having another  boy, at my 20 week scan this was confirmed, i was absolutely ecstatic that I was lucky enough to have two sons.

It started the first day I took him and his brother out, we were at a local fete, I remember it well, a lady who I new a little from our village looked into the pram and said “ oh another boy, bet you were disappointed, you’ll have to keep trying for a pink one”  I never thought about this before….I always wanted boys, a girl would of been ok i’m sure but I never had a yearning for a girl.

On my third pregnancy, people just automatically thought we were trying for a girl, but we seriously were not, we wanted another baby, girl or boy it didn’t matter - daily i would have comments suggesting we wanted a girl.

At my 20 week scan we were delighted to be told we were have a third son, we were ecstatic with this news, we always wanted a big family so our third son was this icing on the cake!

When he was born we constantly had the girl comments with one lady looking into the pram at my wonderful third son and saying “ oh no how awful another boy, if you are brave enough to go for another i pray for you its a girl!” It takes a lot for me to not have something to say but to be honest i was actually speechless! Could not quite believe what i just heard!

So when my fourth wonderful son came into the world, my baby, my beautiful wonderful fourth son, who melted my heart the second I met him -  

I made a tee shirt






My four wonderful, handsome, confident, kind Sons are my world, my whole world who have grown up to be the most amazing human beings. 



  • I feel your pain as a mother of 5 Girls, we had the same, it becomes abit annoying after a while, people really believed my husband and I were trying for a girl even people who didn’t know us!

    Abbie Summers
  • Boys Rule !

    Mum of boys!

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