Back to school we go!!

Just like that holidays are well and truly over and it’s back to school! When mine were at school, i would listen in to the other mothers in the school playground moaning and yes it was moaning about how they were going to entertain the children during the holidays, how they would count down the days until term started again.

Me and my boys on the other hand lived for school holidays - it was a time to completely relax and just do what ever took our fancy when our eyes opened in the morning! We would do crazy things like decide to buy a swimming pool that was hundreds of miles away and jump in the car to get it - another favourite was the day we decided to go into Bristol to the museum and whilst we were there we fancied chocolate so jumped in the car for a trip to Birmingham to the chocolate factory, when we finished our tour we though it would be lovely to go for supper at the Hard Rock Cafe in London! Yes London! And we did just that 

Bristol, Birmingham and London in one day! 

These of course are what memories are made of, as the holidays passed they got quicker and quicker and our whole house mood would change when it was the new term time - routine, early nights, homework etc ( not in that order of course!) 

Many parents were dropping off on the first day, fist punching the air with whoop whoop all round, me on the other hand would be counting the days until our next school holiday and dreaming of our next lot of adventurers we could plan.  School holidays for me and mine were just not long enough!

Happy Days in deed! 

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  • I know where you are coming from with this, I love the school holidays, love making great memories, I’m not saying it isn’t hard because it is, but holidays over school every time xxxx

    Sally Gibson

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