Make the most of every moment being a mum

When my babies were small, you really do believe that you have years and years left with them.  

I often hear mums complaining about the school holidays or the night time routine or general every day challenges that come with being a mum.

We’ve all been there, we all know how hard it is but if i could have my time again, my goodness i would make the most of every single moment.

When people used to tell me it goes like the blink of eye, i really did believe i had years left with my babies, so much planned to do, so many places to visit, so many dreams, some nights i would wake up with all four in my bed, i could hardly move and i never ever thought i would miss that….

but let me tell you….. as soon as they start at school those terms run into years.  

All our dreams are drifting away as one years skydives into another.  We struggle on with the homework,  all the competitive parents, the sleepless nights about schooling, the running around from one football match to another, one school run after another, the sleepovers … all goes far to fast because it really is like a blink of an eye and yes they are all grown up……

They have their own life, own friends, you’re  suddenly redundant , literally just like that, you just wake up one day and they don’t need you, your services as a mother is no longer required.

 All of a sudden that’s it, they can manage perfectly well in life doing things their way.  Your instantly pushed a side, off course they don’t  realise this, they have a life to live, fun to be had, places to visit without you, whilst you stand back and watch you know you’ve done a great job bringing confident kind people into the world but oh my god it hurts, it really hurts….because the realisation hits you and it hits you hard that you cant get those times back, so you question was all the worrying about the ‘silly stuff’ worth it? Of course the answer to that question is NO!

I'm so so proud of my children and the wonderful humans they are, i enjoy us all eating around the same table at the same time these days and even the small things to me are monumental and i enjoy these times even more because they are precious, but if i could turn the clock back in a heartbeat i would.

My own advice to the younger me would be this - i would chill, I wouldn’t  sweat the small stuff and really really enjoy ever single moment of being a mum, even the sleep deprived days!

Make the most of every moment being a mum. You to will wake up one day and realise that the little old lady who told you that bringing up your family will fly by like a blink of a eye was absolutely spot on. 




  • Oh goodness, I cried reading this , so true x

  • Everything you said is true! My four sons and two daughters are all grown up now with families, yes it did go so quick and you really must make the most of every moment xx

    Ada Clements
  • Oh gosh, that’s exactly my thoughts – how on earth did they grow up and like you if only I could turn the clock bag…..but now I have my grandchildren and believe me I am really making the most of every minute it is fantastic xx


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