Me and my fur baby

That awful feeling when you start to feel slightly redundant when your kids are growing up and getting a bit independent, they no longer need you as much, they start getting a social life, spending more time alone and don’t really want to spend any of there spare time with you.  Do you no what I mean?  If you have been through this you will know what I’m talking about and it hurts like hell! 

I had been thinking of getting  a puppy for a while, I needed someone to be pleased to see me when i got home someone to need my attention.  I had been looking for a puppy for a while and then one day this advert for a 11 month old cocker spaniel stood out to me, they needed to re home her as she was a bit much for them they said, they had a young family and things weren’t as easy as they thought it would be when they first got her.  It was clear on our visit to see her she had been somewhat neglected, she looked into my eyes and straight away I looked at my husband and said I have to have her.  The couple we bought her from couldn’t get her out the door fast enough and to be honest she couldn’t get out the door fast enough either!

It was meant to be, my lovely girl became my fur baby, we loved each other instantly but unfortunately she didn’t like anyone outside the family, it was almost like a protecting mechanism before anyone got her sort of situation.

So my beautiful fur baby was a little bit special to say the least, she chose us and we chose her and we saved her but she will never know how much she saved me.

It’s been nearly seven years since i met her, its been tricky and we've now come to the conclusion that if you leave her alone she will leave you alone. On meeting people in every day situations I ask them to ignore her and certainly don’t stroke her because it makes her really nervous and scared, she will lash out to protect herself  - it really is unbelievable how some people are, they really think it will be them who are the ones to “cure” her, she cant be cured she was broken in ways we will never know or understand in the first 11 months of her life which will impact her to the end of her life.  With me by her side she has no worries at all - its my fur baby and me against the world 


Do I regret seeing that add advertising my girl for sale? HELL NOOOOO

But next time you go to stroke that cute little dog, don’t forget to ask the owners first or you may very well end up with something you thought you would never get - dogs teeth in your skin!  



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