The house will still be the same when you get home!

Someday you will wake up and the house will be clean and tidy, but your babies will be all grown up and left home.  Enjoy your children for house work will wait.

How we all fuss over how much time it takes to do our house work whilst our children just mess it up again, in the grand scheme of things does it really matter?  One day you can have that clean tidy home without the never ending ironing basket, is it really important to wear matching socks? 

Does that dress she wears matter if you don't iron it - you might very well believe these are the most important things but actually when they are grown up and you are sitting their with a tidy home, empty ironing basket, clean cupboards and endless time on your hands, you might just realise that in fact that your kids would rather have great memories of good times together than mum or dad stressing that the house is untidy or the ironing needs doing…….

Take my word for it….i promise you I’m telling the truth! 

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